OKC Sports Director had been in Scooter Crash Before

FTVLive told you over the weekend that KFOR Sports Director Bob Barry Jr. had died in an accident.

Barry was struck and killed by a vehicle while he was riding his scooter.

Sadly, this wasn't the first time Barry was involved in a scooter crash. Back in 2012, Barry was hospitalized in the ICU when he crashed while test driving a high-horsepower scooter.

“I gave it too much gas too fast and I just lost it, hit a curb and went flying,” he said. That’s  about the last I remember of anything.”

“I broke a collarbone, fractured two or three ribs and suffered a bruised lung,” he said. “But it could have been worse. They were worried about other things when I got there. We thought we were going to have to have surgery for an intestinal tear. That’s what they told us the first night.”

Here's video from a story KFOR did at the time: