Megyn Kelly Takes Don Lemon's Sloppy Dog Seconds

The other day, FTVLive called out CNN and Anchor Don Lemon for bringing on Dog the Bounty Hunter to talk about the NY prison escapees.

The idea that you are going to bring on a reality show star as an "expert" was a joke.

Well, now Fox News and Megyn Kelly did the exact same thing. Kelly stooped to Don Lemon's level and brought Dog on the show to talk about the escaped killers.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a joke that looks for drunk drivers that skip bail and he does it on a freaking island. He has about as much of a clue to catching these killers as other reality star Kim Kardashian. 

We expect Don Lemon to do something like this. We thought Megyn Kelly was well above this level.

Maybe not.