Tom "South Paw" Joles inducted into Hall Of Fame

The last time FTVLive was telling you about KOB Anchorman Tom Joles, it was about his involvement in a newsroom altercation.  

Back in February, Joles was sent home for a week after he got into it with a few newsroom staffers, including longtime KOB Reporter Stuart Dyson.

Well now Joles has been inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame....NO! Wait!.... he was inducted into the New Mexico Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame.

As staffers and former staffers reminisced about Joles career, former KOB reporter Jeremy Jojola told this tale. 

“One time there was this large spider in the newsroom,” said former KOB reporter Jeremy Jojola. “This thing was the size of a half-dollar and everyone was freaking out about this gnarly-looking spider in the newsroom. Tom walks over and he takes his fist and punches the spider!"

Somethings never change.