Al Jazeera America Staffers want Network President Fired


FTVLive has been telling you about the ongoing problems at Al Jazeera America.

The little watched network is trying to recover from internal strife that many could be the final nail in the coffin, before the network shuts down.

We told you a couple of days ago that AJA CEO Ehab Al-Shihabi had been replaced. But, staffers say the network still needs to rid itself of AJA President Kate O'Brian (pictured).

Insiders tell FTVLive that she is widely blamed for "enabling" the alleged discriminatory conduct by Shihabi and his Qatari cronies: 


  * O'Brian went along with decision to pull correspondent Nick Schifrin out of Middle East months ago (He hasn't been on-air since) because management thought his coverage of Israel/Gaza over past year was too soft on Israel.  

  * And it was because of O'Brian that AJAM PR didn't issue an internal email to staff or external press release noting Schiffrin was awarded the Overseas Press Coverage "spot news" award last week for that very same coverage of Gaza/Israel.

  * O'Brien also agreed with decision to demote Marcy McGinnis (who recently quit AJA) who tried to stand up for Schifrin. 

O'Brien also lost newsroom support in December when she bragged to staffers, soon after layoffs, that she had purchased a new sports car for her husband for Christmas.  

Sources tell FTVLive that staffers are giving new executive Amjad Attalah and new CEO Al Anstey an earful, asking them to fire O'Brian her if she won't resign.

Also, we hear that there are deep discussions among multiple staffers in AJAM newsroom yesterday about how best (petition?) to urge new CEO to bring back Marcy McGinnis and have her replace O'Brian.  

The staff says that McGinnis showed true integrity and leadership.  They say it's only thanks to McGinnis and former staffer Mayt Luke (who is suing AJA) that AJAM problems may now get addressed and fixed. 

Stay tuned....