106 Days and Counting


It has been 106 days since NBC announced that they had suspended Nightly News Anchor Brian Williams for lying.

Williams is just over the half way point in his 6 month suspension and the question remains, is BriLie coming back to NBC News?

Many think it would be impossible for NBC to put Williams back in the trusted anchor chair. But, 106 days in and NBC has still not tipped their had as to what they are going to do with lyin' Brian?

Some inside NBC think that now that the May sweeps are over, NBC will make statement as to what Williams' future will or will not be at the network.

NBC claims they are still investigating other possible lies told by Williams, but people inside NBC News tell FTVLive that no one has been interviewed "in ages" about Williams.

"There is no doubt they are done with the investigation, but they still aren't talking," says one NBC insider to FTVLive.

So the waiting game continues.

Stay tuned....