Anchor's Son to Get Plea Deal in Purse Snatching Case

Back in March, FTVLive told you that the son of WNYW Anchor Rosanna Scotto son was busted over the weekend for swiping a Chanel purse at NY bar.

Cops busted Louis Ruggiero  after seeing him tuck a purse under his jacket as he was walking out of the bar, law-enforcement sources said. 

It now appears Ruggiero is going to be offered a plea deal before heading back to college.

 The NY Daily News reports that Ruggiero whose mother is a “Good Day New York” co-host, was in Manhattan Criminal Court where he learned he has yet to be indicted because of the pending offer.

Ruggiero left a Chelsea club with a stolen bag and had a fake ID and small amount of cocaine on him, authorities said.

He is set to return to court in early August.

Details of the plea proposal were not disclosed.