It is way too early for us here at FTVLive to make any decision on who will we be voting for in 2016?

FTVLive past voting record has been all over the board. We have voted for Republicans, Democrats and Independents.

Seriously...we try to find the best person for the job and could care less if they have an R or D or I next to their name.

But, in this interview that Ted Cruz did with KMBT (Beaumont,TX) Reporter Kevin Steele, we're a bit worried that we will not be voting for Mr. Cruz.

Steele tried to ask Cruz about his stance against Gay Americans? Cruz ducked the question and said, "why is you guys are obsessed with sex.....I recognize that you are reading questions from MSNBC."

Cruz is not getting our vote because of his anti-gay stance. It's because he thinks the media gets their marching orders from MSNBC. Talk about an out of touch politician.

Someone needs to tell Ted Cruz that no one watches MSNBC. No one.

Let's go to the video: