Gone in an Instant

While ABC Anchor George Stephanopulos is still taking heat for his undisclosed donations to the Clinton's another network anchor did a disappearing act before another controversy started.

Up until late Tuesday afternoon, CNN's Jake Tapper was listed on the Clinton Foundation website (screen shot right)  as a "speaker" at a Clinton Global Initiative event scheduled for June 8-10 in Denver.

After USA Today called CNN to ask about Tapper's involvement, Tapper's name was swiftly removed from the Clinton Foundation website.

Tapper wouldn't comment on the record. A CNN spokesperson, who asked not to be named, said Tapper was improperly listed as a speaker on the foundation website; he is scheduled to interview former president Clinton at the event and later moderate a panel discussion. The spokesperson said the network-approved interview will be televised. There will be no restrictions on the questions, and Tapper will not be paid by the foundation. Other details are still being negotiated.

So if all of this was on the up and up, why won't Tapper comment on the record? And why doesn't the CNN spokesperson want to be named?

This one is not passing the sniff test.

Just saying....