ABC Done with Stepahnopoulos Probe

While NBC's investigation into lies told by Anchorman Brian Williams is about to enter it's 4th month, ABC has already wrapped up their probe of Anchor George Stephanopolous's donations to the Clintons. 

ABC News says they plan no further investigation int Stephanopolous and his cozy relationship to the Clinton Foundation. “Of course we have asked George about other contributions that he’s made, and there’s no conflict,” a senior ABC executive told the Daily News’ television editor, Don Kaplan. “George contributes to dozens of charities and these were a small portion of that.” Stephanopolous (l.), ABC’s chief anchor, chief political correspondent and a “Good Morning America” host, admitted last week he has donated $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation since 2011.

And while ABC says they are done looking into their Anchor's donations, at least two network sources told the Daily News that “World News” anchor David Muir and former anchor Diane Sawyer could play larger roles covering the 2016 presidential election than initially planned.

Although, ABC sources are telling FTVLive that Stephanopolous is lobbying hard (begging) to stay in the mix of coverage for the 2016 election.

Our source says that ABC plans to pull Stephanopolous away for now, but that he will slowly be worked back into coverage after this whole donation scandal calms down.

Stay tuned....