Michigan Reporter Attacked While Covering Story

WNEM (Saginaw, MI.) Reporter Nick Lulli says a man nearly hit him with his pickup truck and threw rocks at the station's news car.

Lulli showed up to an area house that witnesses reported flying a confederate and Nazi flag.

The flags were gone when we got there, but the angry rednecks was still there. 

"We want to give you an opportunity to respond," Lulli said to a pair of women on the property.

"Nobody here is racist. I'm on the phone with my lawyer," the women responded.

Lulli says that moments later, an emotionally charged man sped up, almost hitting Lulli with his truck.

As Lulli went to drive away, the man began hurling rocks at the news car, leaving these dings and a crack in the windshield.

And when he tried to physically get into the news vehicle, that's when Lulli called police.

"I don't know what he's doing he seems out of his mind," Lulli said to dispatchers.

Let's go to the video: