Anderson Cooper Pimping Entertainment

Here at FTVLive WorldHQ, the Boss and I always appreciated that Anderson Cooper took a stand against 'selfies' at murders, train wrecks, or any other horrible story. But it appears Coop can't stand against Jeff Zucker, who paraded him in front of the audience at the annual Turner upfront.

"Today, CNN is about breaking news; it's about big events and investigative journalism. But we're also about original series, documentaries and feature-length films that have broadened our audience", said Cooper.

Then he said, "CNN has more hours of live news programming today than at any other point in our entire history." Wait, WHAT? Did Brian Williams write that script? I'll bet Ted Turner would have something to say about that.

Here's some free advice to the folks in the executive boadrooms of media companies: Keep your news people in the newsroom, and leave the 'entertainment' to Don Lemon.

h/t MediaPost