Anchor By Day, Pastor by Night

During the day, KOB (Albuquerque) Morning Anchor Steve Stucker answers to his News Director.

But after his work in the newsroom, Stucker answers to a much bigger boss.

God (although, let's be honest, many News Directors think they are God).

Stucker is an associate pastor at New Covenant Church.

Longtime viewers weren't surprised, as Steve has talked openly about his faith for years. "Take some time to really enjoy your life today" are the words regular viewers have come to expect at the end of every morning newscast, along with, "and may God bless."

The signoff began in 1997, when Steve was inspired after the death of comedian Red Skelton, who always ended his shows in a similar way: "May God bless and good night."

The words mean a lot to Steve personally. When he was in his 30s, he renewed his Christian faith. Steve has been very open about that with viewers, and biblical passages make regular appearances on his Facebook page.

"He came to me probably 18 years ago and told me he'd like to train to become a pastor and as I looked at his life, I realized he was already doing the work," Senior Pastor David Row said.

Row says Steve was always serving: delivering mattresses, ringing the bell for the Salvation Army and visiting people in the hospital. About three years ago, Steve made it official and became an associate pastor. He leads bible studies and counsels men's groups.

Steve isn't a celebrity at New Covenant. But they do appreciate that he spreads the message by letting his faith show on TV.

Row says that's just Steve being Steve.

"I think any message that a person broadcasts should be genuine, and with him you detect that it's a natural part of who he is," he said.