Media Companies Sell Their Soul to Facebook

Starting Today, Facebook will start posting news stories from a number of media companies including NBC News and the New York Times.

If it seems that these media companies are selling out to Facebook with a move that could eventually undermine their own businesses.

That is exactly what they are doing.

Oh....also, Facebook is also permitting the news companies to collect data about the people reading the articles with the same tools they use to track visitors to their own sites.

The media companies should be concerned about losing control over the means of how they distribute the news.

But, in the end it is all about eyeballs and more importantly ad dollars. 

Facebook is allowing the media companies to embed advertisements in the articles, keeping all of the revenue, or allow Facebook to sell ads, with the social network getting 30 percent of the proceeds.

You would think that a media company would really want to keep control of their own content and build their online presence on a website that they have total control. 

But, instead they rather run full speed down the slippery slope.

Stay tuned, because we have a feeling this isn't going to end well.

Just saying.....