BriWi Thrown Off Most Powerful List

The Hollywood Reporter is out with their list of the 35 most powerful people in New York media.

The list is a lame alphabetical order of the same names you get each and every year. Fox News boss Roger Ailes tops the list, but that's because his last name starts with "A". CNN's Jeff Zucker is last, we think because his last name starts with "z".

The only news of note is that CBS's Scott Pelley and ABC's David Muir make the list and so does NBC's evening news Anchor, but it's not Brian Williams. Lester Holt makes the power list in place of BriLie.

And in case you thought this list was nothing more than a fluff piece to suck up to the NY media elite, we'll have you know that The Hollywood Reporter breaks some news about Holt.

THR writes about Holt, "Where my phone is at night - “I’m one of those throwbacks who still has a house phone, so if anyone needs to call me in the middle of the night, they shouldn’t bother with my cell. It’s firmly in the off position.”

Hard hitting stuff, don't you agree?