Like We Said....

FTVLive FIRST tipped you off 2 days ago that an ex-employee at Al Jazeera would be filing a lawsuit against the network.

We wrote, "The lawsuit complaints will be explicit and explosive..."

Yesterday, Matthew Luke who was fired from AJA earlier this year filed the suit against the network complaining of a hostile work environment and claiming a manager made “discriminatory, anti-Semitic and anti-American remarks.”

Luke's attorney claims that when his client reported the biased and discriminatory conduct of a high-level newsroom executive, Luke was fired from his job. 

Two days ago, FTVLive wrote, Word is that Al Jazeera America CEO Ehab Al-Shihabi was just "summoned" to Doha headquarters amidst rumors he will be fired.  Many in the Newsroom are hoping for his dismissal, with one VP openly wishing for the CEO's death.  Expectation/hope his top deputy, President Kate O'Brian will also get the axe.  

Luke is seeking damages for $15 million against AJA and his lawsuit seems to already be making waves through the network.

Shortly after the lawsuits was filed, AJA's VP of human resources Diana Lee and the executiveVP of communications, Dawn Bridges both resigned.

They could be the first of many that will be losing their job at the struggling network. 

Stay tuned....