NY Station Hires Trapeze Artist as News Director

Back on February 20th, FTVLive wrote,"Sources say that WPIX is this/close to naming Senior Executive Producer Amy Waldman as the new ND. Waldman has been steering the WPIX ship since Effron left and is now likely to get bumped up the food chain."

The station finally did what we said they were going to do months ago.

After pocketing huge savings of the News Director salary, the Tribune station finally named Waldman the ND. 

Interestingly, as we pointed out back in February,  according to Waldman's Twitter page, her bio read, "TV producer by day, trapeze artist by night." It included a picture of her grabbing a trapeze swing in a bikini.

After FTVLive posted the story, Walderman took the picture down, changed her last lame on the account and locked the page as private.

We're guessing the Tribune bosses might have had something to do with that, before bumping her up to the ND job. 

But come on, is there a better second job for a News Director than trapeze artist? It's almost like the two jobs belong together.