CNN Goes Wall to Wall with Riots (Updated X2)

CNN has been covering unrest in Baltimore.

The coverage is being anchored by Jake Tapper and while the pictures (from local TV stations) are powerful, the coverage is terrible.

Tapper can't shut up for more than a few seconds and whomever is Producing the coverage is jumping around so much that no story is really being told. 

Cameras show a police car on fire, you can see it's on fire and yet Tapper will interrupt an interview to say that a police car is on fire.

No shit Sherlock.

Reporters are talking all over each other and it is more frustrating to try and understand what any of them are saying. Tapper continued to interrupt them to send the coverage a different direction which he then interrupted again.

At 5PM, Tapper handed off to Wolf Blitzer.

But as bad as the coverage has been, it is likely to get worse, judging by this tweet: 

Send in the clown.

Update: CNN's coverage has got much better with Blitzer anchoring the show. 

Update X2: If the news could not get any worse for Baltimore, Rev. Al Sharpton, said Monday he plans to visit Baltimore this week to help push police for answers in the death of Freddie Gray.