Britt McHenry Goes Back to Work This Weekend

After being suspended for a week, ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry will be back on the job this weekend.

McHenry was suspended following the release of video footage showing the blonde cruelly berating a towing-company employee in suburban Washington, D.C.

Despite a massive public backlash, McHenry will assume her regular responsibilities covering the NFL, an ESPN producer told Sports Illustrated. That means at least one of her mean-girl barbs from the stunning rant — “I’m on television and you’re in a f—–g trailer, honey” — still applies, in half.

McHenry’s suspension is officially over as of Thursday and she will have a spot on “SportsCenter” this weekend, according to the report. She will be in front of the ESPN cameras next Thursday for the network’s coverage of the opening round of the NFL draft.

Her bosses know the rehab tour begins now for a young woman who overnight went from an indistinguishable face in the ESPN talent horde to a pariah synonymous with pettiness and entitlement.

“I think she is just really anxious to get back to work,” ESPN senior coordinating producer Seth Markman told SI.

“We had a conversation where we both talked about that it would take time and it will be hard. … She realizes she will have to do her job really well and hopefully win back some of the trust of our viewers. We expect that from her, and I expect that from her. She did a great job for us on the NFL last year in some difficult situations, and I have seen nothing that doesn’t make me think she will rebound from this. But she knows the first couple of assignments out of the box will not be easy.”

H/T NY Post