Atlanta Station Tests Controversial Anchors in Focus Group


FTVLive FIRST told you that "naked news" Anchor Sharon Reed was spotted interviewing at WGCL in Atlanta.

Reed, currently at KMOV in St. Louis, is best known for dropping her clothes while covering a story about an artist in Cleveland.

FTVLive also FIRST told you that former WCBS bad boy Anchor Rob Morrison was also seen interviewing at the Atlanta station. 

Morrison is best known for being arrested after police said he choked his wife.

Atlanta insiders tell FTVLive that both Reed and Morrison were together at the station for on set tests and reads.

Now we hear the video is being shown to focus groups.

It is very possible the station could hire one or both of them.

If Reed and Morrison are both hired and anchor together, I want to be the person that writes the promos.

Now that could be fun.

Just saying.....