What's in a Name Anyway?

Those that are currently working at Gannett stations will soon be working for "Tegna."


 The company has chosen the name “Tegna” when it spins off its broadcasting and digital company later this year.

“Tegna is a nod to the more than 100 year-old history of Gannett,” said Gracia Martore, Gannett president and CEO. “While always reminding us where we came from, the new name also shows our innovative spirit and commitment to being a forward-looking company that empowers people, businesses and communities to grow and thrive.”

Gannett did not say how it came up with the name, which appears to be "Gannett" just jumbled up.

Romenesko points out that TEGNA, autocorrects to TENGA which is all new masturbation tools” made in Japan.

Seems about right.....