Reporters Finally Back Together in Charlotte

WVEC Investigative Reporter Nick Ochsner is packing up and headed to Charlotte.

Ochsner is landing as the Investigative Reporter at WBTV and we know of at least one person on the WBTV staff that will happy to see him around the station.

WBTV Reporter Sarah-Blake Morgan is married to Ochsner and is happy to be reunited with her husband in the same market.

'We met while working for competing stations in Lubbock, Texas. He moved to Norfolk, I moved to Charlotte. And after two years of long distance, six months of that married, we’re finally going to be in the same place," Morgan tells FTVLive.

She even passed along one of the couples "cheesey" engagement pictures. "Cheesey" was her word not mine, even though it totally is.

Ochsner had been at WVEC since 2013.