Fox Chicago Scrubs Newscast due to Technical Problems

WFLD in Chicago had to abort their newscast on Saturday, due to problems with their automated operating system, according to Robert Feder

Weekend news anchors Larry Yellen and Natalie Bomke were on the set and ready to go live when the station abruptly aborted the newscast and shifted to entertainment programming.

Viewers were given no explanation for the switch.

This isn't the first time the station has had technical problems. Last year the station had problems that was putting the talent in a blue mood. 

Reporter Craig Wall looked like a smurf during a live shot Viewers were having fun making comments on the station's Facebook page until management stepped in and ordered the post to be pulled. 

“Welsh went nuts,” one insider said to Robert Feder, referring to the reaction of general manger Dennis Welsh in a meeting with staff Thursday. The snafu was traced to faulty equipment issues, believed to have been made worse by cuts in technical personnel.

When it comes to social media, stations are better off owning up to the mistakes instead of trying to scrub them from the Internet.

That never works. 

Case in point, when FTVLive got our hands on a video of KCBSAnchor Paul Magers breaking out into a corny dance after cutting a tease.

CBS filed a copyright claim with YouTube and had the video pulled. 

FTVLive filed a counter claim saying that it was well within the guidelines of fair use. We won the claim and the video is back on YouTube. 

And just to prove that trying to scrub stuff from the Internet is never a good idea, here is the KCBS Anchor video once again. Go ahead and watch it, because you just know it will hack off the CBS suits one more time:

Note: This story is updated