Welcome Eatman Media Services to FTVLive

Not a week goes by where someone News Director or talent emails to ask me about finding a good agent?

If you're looking for an TV Agent that is honest and has integrity, just check out the Sponsors of FTVLive.com.

FTVLive will only align ourselves with companies that we can trust and know you can as well. FTVLive has actually turned down money from some agents that want to advertise on this website. There are not many websites out there that would turn down cold cash, but if we don't believe in the company, the Agent or their practices, their ad will not make it on FTVLive.com

With that being said, FTVLive is happy to announce a new sponsor that has come on board. Eatman Media Services is now a sponsor of this website. 

Eatman Media Services is a full service talent agency with offices in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. With its staff of highly trained and experienced agents, EMS is uniquely equipped to serve the needs of elite talent.

Started in 1994, EMS quickly established itself among the top ranks of representation agencies and has since secured a formidable reputation based on principles of integrity, hard work, and professionalism.  All of EMS  agents are attorneys with extensive legal and negotiating backgrounds in the broadcast and entertainment fields.

Ross Eatman, Robert Eatman and Todd Foos make up Eatman Media Services and FTVLive is happy to have them on board as a sponsor of this website.

You can check out the EMS website at this link.