Uh-Oh....DC Reporter Called Out for Lying

Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly might want to move over and make some room for WTTG's Emily Miller.

It appears that a DC Reporter has embellished a story of her own and now she's being called out. Miller penned the book "Emily Gets Her Gun" after she said she was a victim of a home invasion. 

In an NRA produced video, Miller says that when she took her dog for a walk and returned home, “a man — the police believed to be a drug addict — got into the house and started robbing it. So when I came back into the house, he was in there robbing.” 

Not so says the Washington Post, they write Miller spotted someone leaving the property as she returned from walking a dog. 

The paper points to a DC police report, “[Miller] stated that she left out to walk the dog at 1515hrs and when she returned at 1525hrs she observed [the suspect] exiting from behind the fence which leads to the side of the house. [Miller] asked [suspect] ‘What are you doing here’ and [suspect] stated ‘I am delivering firewood,’” according to a supplemental D.C. police report.

There’s more. In recounting the episode, Miller has claimed that she confronted a veritable crime syndicate.

After the man left, I was still suspicious so I went inside, grabbed my Blackberry and clicked on the icon for the camera. I walked down the street, and as I turned the corner, I saw about 15 scruffy young men standing around two pickup trucks. We were at the end of a woody, dead-end road. I nervously held up my Blackberry to take a quick photo of them and the license plates. Suddenly, the blood-shot-eyed guy darted out, blocking the shot. “What are you doing?” he asked. I looked around at all the men staring at me and was suddenly scared.

But the 15-person-strong band of scruffies doesn’t make the supplemental report’s description

[Miller] stated that she went into the house and felt that something was not right, so she exited the house to take a photo of [suspect's] vehicle. [Suspect] approached [Miller] and gave her a business card that stated [a tree service] and [suspect] left the scene. [Miller] stated that [suspect] was operating a silver pick up truck with landscaping on the side of it. [Miller] stated that she was contacted by her credit card company at 1945hrs about some fraudulent charges on her credit card. [Miller] stated that she checked her purse and noticed that her Visa credit card and $50.00 in US Currency was missing. [Miller] stated that while she was out walking the dog she had left her purse on the counter in the kitchen of the offense location.

It seems Miller's scary encounter with DC thugs might not have been so scary after all.

But hey, at least she didn't say she was hot down in a helicopter. 

Just saying....