Haters going to Hate

KQDS (Duluth) Anchor Dan Hanger posted a message of his Facebook page out a hater that took a shot at him for being gay.

Hanger pointed out that the hate message didn't bother him, but it could have a big impact on someone younger. 

Hanger writes: 

Check out this hateful comment I just got from a guy in Solon Springs who replied to a post on my wall from someone saying, "Fox 21 News at 9 starts..... NOW!! Dan Hanger is hilarious!!" 

The hater replied: "and is gayer then aids." P.S.: Should be "than," sir. 

For anyone who wonders why it's a big deal for some to finally "come out" in 2015, here's a reason why -- because there's still a lot of hate and discrimination in this world, especially in small-town communities that lack diversity and culture.

This comment doesn't hurt me at almost 32 years old. But imagine how a vulnerable teenager would feel? This one comment could be the tipping point to suicide for some -- no joke. 

The continued hate, bullying and suicide are three reasons why it was important for me to use my role as a main news anchor at FOX 21 to stand "proud" -- in hopes of making change in the Northland and letting young people know that it's OK and ‪#‎ItGetsBetter‬.