Wichita Anchor is Arrested

Sources tell FTVLive that KSNW Weekend Anchor Brian Miller was arrested yesterday.

Brian Miller, who has been at the station for just over a year was busted by cops for Destruction of Property and Domestic Violence.

Miller came to KSNW in January 2014 from Green Bay. 

The station says they are currently investigating the circumstances of Miller's arrest and that Miller will not appear on air during that investigation. 

In other words, there will soon be a Weekend Anchor job open at the station. 

Interestingly, Miller was hired to replace Anchor Justin Kraemer, who was fired after saying, "let's get the fuck out of here" on the air at the end of a newscast. 

KSNW might want to hire Vince DeMentri as their next Weekend Anchor. Seems like he's a perfect fit.

Just saying....