KOB Anchor's Email to the Staff After Returning from Suspension

FTVLive was FIRST to tell you about the KOB (Albuquerque) newsroom incident involving longtime Anchor Tom Joles, a Reporter and a Photographer.

After FTVLive's story, station management tried to downplay the incident, yet Joles was suspended for the entire week.

He returned to the newsroom yesterday and sent an internal email to the staff, obtained by FTVLive.

Joles took a swipe at station management for his suspension, saying, "I don’t think the punishment in my case fits the crime." Others inside the station would disagree and think that Joles should have been fired after the incident. 

Here is his email:

I want to start by saying , in my 35 years of journalism, I’ve never had a week like last week. It was humbling and humiliating to be sent home, and then have to watch from the sidelines for a week. What started out as a passionate discussion about good journalism disintegrated into an absurd and unnecessary shouting match. I take full responsibility for my role in that. I’ve always believed exceptional journalism is not a casual endeavor. It requires honest confrontation, a dogged search for the truth, an unending effort to be fair, and the non-stop questioning of every single thing we do in the newsroom. Last week I allowed my frustrations to get the best of me, which was stupid on my part. After reflecting on that incident, I now fear my singular search for exceptional journalism has hurt some of you. If that’s true, you have my sincere apologies. My main focus has always been to serve the viewer, but If I’ve wounded any of you in the process, then I have failed as a person-the only thing more important to me than being a journalist. While I can now see clearly where I’ve fallen short, I must say, I don’t think the punishment in my case fits the crime. That no longer matters. More than anything, I’m just happy to be back at work. As a station, we like to say we stand for New Mexico. To me, that’s the same as saying we fight for New Mexico. I’m not going to stop doing that. Life is too short and our chances to make a difference are gone before we know it. But with that said, I want to promise all of you, from here on out, I will try to wage a more sensitive fight, never forgetting we all have feelings, and those feelings need to be understood and respected.