St. Louis Station Washes Their Hands of Production Assistant

KSDK Production Assistant Jana Marie Gamble helped the station cover the anniversary of the civil rights protest in Selma. 

Gamble took photos at rallies in early March in Selma, Ala., that were posted on the station's website.  

But, her actions in another protest has gotten her bounced from the station. 

Station officials refused to comment about whether Gamble still works at the station, but appears that after her promotion of a protest last weekend in Ferguson, she does not. 

"We do not discuss personnel matters," said Marv Danielski, KSDK's station manager.

When asked if KSDK viewers had a right to know if Gamble would be involved in any of Channel 5's future coverage of Ferguson, Danielski repeated: "My policy is that we do not talk about personnel matters."

Gamble was picture in one flyer with her hands up, which became a symbol for protestors in Ferguson. 

When it comes to finding out what happened to Gamble's job at KSDK? It appears the station has also put their hands up.

Got to just love TV news. 

H/T St. Louis Post Dispatch