Police Search "Fuck it, I Quit" Reporter's Cannabis Club

When Reporter Charlo Greene said "fuck it, I quit" and walked off the air at KTVA in Alaska, she did so to run the Alaska Cannabis Club full time.

On Friday, the Police came knocking and they had a search warrant in hand.

KTVA reports that the Anchorage Police Department says it is investigating the Alaska Cannabis Club for criminal activity.

Greene (real name Charlene Egbe) and at least six others looked on as authorities served a search warrant and combed through the Alaska Cannabis Club on Gambell Street Friday afternoon. The warrant also includes a Dodge Dakota and Jeep Liberty, both of which were impounded by APD.

The warrant, which names Egbe and Peter Lomonaco, says that at the clubhouse and in the two vehicles “there is now being concealed property, namely: Marijuana, in cultivation or harvested, resins, oils, hashish or other THC derivatives, concentrates, edibles and equipment used in the extraction of THC.”

The warrant also includes “items relating to illegal transactions” — such as computer records and bank statements — forfeitable firearms, and money “used in or intended for use in or derived from trafficking in controlled substances.”

“I saw them uproot a couple of marijuana plants. They took some bongs and pipes and phones and computers and that’s pretty much it,” Greene said on scene as bags of items were carried out by police.

According to Greene, the residence is home to multiple medical marijuana card holders, as well as the club.

“This is basically a medical marijuana dispensary,” Greene said. “We don’t sell any recreational marijuana, we don’t sell any medical marijuana. This is a place for card holders to come and share their own cannabis.”

APD spokeswoman Jennifer Castro said they received reports “of the illegal sale of marijuana and other derivatives” at the clubhouse.

What KTVA did not report was that Greene used to be a Reporter at the station. 

Of course they didn't.