CNN's Stelter Takes More Shots at Fox News

Wow! Mediaite took there nose out of CNN Media Critic......errrrrrr....Correspondent Brian Stelter's butt long enough to criticize Jeff Zucker's mouthpiece. 

Mediaite says that for those that want to take some shots at Fox News, they need to look no further than  CNN’s Reliable Sources.

The website writes that CNN, of course, is a competitor of Fox in a mostly-lopsided cable news race, and therefore has the motive to make the network running ahead of it look bad or stupid. Reliable has been on the air since 1992, and is currently hosted by longtime Fox critic and former New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter.

In looking at transcripts of the program on a week-to-week basis since the beginning of this year, Reliable has featured segments critical of Fox News in eight of the 10 shows it has aired.

Yesterday, Reliable Sources featured Mickey Kaus, a former columnist for The Daily Caller who quit the publication after being told by its founder (Fox & Friends Weekend host Tucker Carlson) that Fox criticism wasn’t allowed.

Betsy Rothstein writes the Daily Caller called bullshit on Stelter and his "reporting" yesterday.  She took to twitter with more than a few pointed comments:

But the ultimate swipe against Stelter had to come Mediate that said that Stelter and his Fox News shots is morphing into Keith Olbermann.


H/T The Cable Game