Bernard Goldberg: Fox News is Bias

Fox News contributor Bernard Goldberg admitted something that few inside the walls of FNC will rarely do. He said that Fox News is biased when it comes to conservative issues. 

He also admitted that water is wet and the sky is blue. 

Goldberg told Bill O’Reilly he needs to understand that the liberal media may be biased, but so is Fox News, with many of its regular faces turning a blind eye to conservative problems.

“Liberal news organizations are going to play down liberal screw-ups,” he said, “but Fox News is gonna play down conservative screw-ups.”

Of course, on cue, Bill O'Reilly objected to that statement. Imagine that?

O’Reilly said that his show  is fair to all and that he brings fair, independent-minded people onto the O'Reilly Factor. He did not point out that he often yells at these people and calls them pinheads. 

To his credit Goldberg stood his ground on the FNC bias and even got O'Reilly to admit that, “No operation is perfect.”

Fuck it! We'll do it Live!

H/T Mediaite