MSNBC Stuck Between a Rock and Hard Place with Al Sharpton

MSNBC's ratings are tanking so bad that the network is basically going to give up and start over.

That may or may not happen with Phil Griffin running the network. Word is that Griffin is on such thin ice at the network that the slightest misstep and he will be gone.

The only thing that is keeping Griffin around right now is that new NBC Boss Andy Lack needs to focus on the mothership before worrying about the train wreck that is MSNBC. 

Sources say that MSNBC is this/close to completely blowing up their schedule and starting over from scratch. The only shows that look like they will survive is Morning Joe and The Rachel Maddow show.

It is expected that in the next couple of weeks MSNBC will announce that they are pulling the plug, "All In with Chris Hayes."

It is likely that Hayes will get handed his walking papers and be pushed out the door.

Then there is Politics Nation which is hosted by tax cheat Al Sharpton. Word is that MSNBC would love to cancel Sharpton's show as well and there is doubt that is what they should do. 

But, if the Peacock pushes Sharpton out, you can bet the Rev. Al will be staging protests and it is not the kind of publicity they need right now. 

So, it is likely that MSNBC will move Sharpton's show to the weekends and Rev Al will spin it like it was his idea so he could spend more time with his foundation or whatever he calls it. 

Other hosts will be sacked and more shows will be canceled. There is no question that Sharpton should be fired as well,  but NBC doesn't have the guts to do it.

Stay tuned....