This is What Happens When you are Owned by a Cable Company

This morning, FTVLive told you that Apple is looking to introduce a streaming service, most likely in the Fall. 

The Apple service would have about 25 channels, anchored by broadcasters such as ABC, CBS and Fox and would be available on Apple devices, including Apple TV.  

NBC was not mentioned, because the Peacock is balking at Apple's streaming media service. 

It looks like you might still be able to watch NBC on an Apple device, but the Peacock's plan is for users will be require to have a cable subscription.

This is what happens when your network is owned by a cable company that is not embracing the future and trying hard as hell to hang onto the past. 

Company's such as HBO have seen the future and are planning for it. HBO is about to offer streaming service on Apple devices that will require no cable or satellite subscription.

Next month, FTVLive will be ditching Comcast and going to a streaming service and we will sign up for HBO's streaming service as well.

We will cut our bill by more than half of our current bill and still have the channels we want to watch and HBO (which we don't have now). 

Sadly, NBC will be finding themselves slipping further behind the other networks when it comes to reaching viewers in new ways.

That is why having your parent company as a cable company will be a hindrance and not a plus ion the very near future. 

Stay tuned....