Not Missing The Weather Channel....

While Sam Champion might be missing you, not everyone is missing Sam, or the rest of the gang at The Weather Channel.

Rob Lucus, who is a morning radio jock at one of the top stations in Buffalo, NY sent along this email and didn't seem to miss the Weather Channel one bit.

Here's his email that The Weather Channel really does not want you to read:

Hey Scott, I just noticed last night that Accu Weather was in the place of Weather Channel on Fios here in Tonawanda.  Watched the cast for about 20 minutes, and really liked it.

They had ACTUAL WEATHER reports, not storm stories, not trucking on ice, but actual weather!  it was fast paced, well delivered, and hit the correct cities for our area in the local weather section, Buffalo, Rochester Syracuse, and into the BIG North East metros of Boston, BYC, Philly, and Baltimore.  Seemed to be accurate as well.  

While I only watched and judged based on 20 minutes, it seemed like Accu Weather had their act together for what I needed.  And after being in media for 30+ years, I know 20 minutes is what what viewers and listeners will make a like/dislike decision on.  Take out the commercial, and sitcoms are only 22 mins!

And then today, I saw your blog report that it was a change due to a re-transmission rights dispute.  Had no idea.  I thought it was a bonus channel that was added.  But knowing now that it is based on a dispute, I need to say PLEASE FIOS...DON’T GIVE IN!  And if you do come to an agreement, put the two weather casts on channels next to each other...keep them on their toes!  See how well stories of storms 30 years ago play against REAL matter how boring a Summer forecast can be!  (Except for Mike Seidel...worked with him in Ocean City, MD...his reports should always be front and center!)

Rob Lucas
Buffalo NY