Greta Floods Neighbor's Home

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The water pipe broke at the home of Fox News host Greta Van Susteren and ended up flooding her neighbor's house last month.

The homeowner, Margaret Evans says she isn't mad at Van Susteren, but is pissed off at the city of Annapolis for not responding sooner. 

Evans says she called the city numerous times to get them to shut off the water when they eventually realized where it was coming from.

The problem, says City Attorney Michael Leahy, was that the city couldn't shut off the water without permission from Greta or her husband, both of whom were out of town at the time.

The city eventually got in contact with Van Susteren's property manager, but Evans says that was after five days of her calling.

"When people have a flood it's over," said Evans. "A pipe bursts. You turn off the water. We couldn't turn off the water."

Evans believes the city was negligent on not quickly identifying where the water came from and for not sending out a city engineer when she called.

"I bailed water for five days in our basement," said Evans. "I'm angry the city doesn't understand this is going to happen to somebody else."

WBFF spoke with Greta Van Susteren's husband by phone this afternoon. John Coale said he wished someone would have contacted him or Greta about the broken pipe, but they never immediately heard from anyone.

Coale said they are waiting to hear back from their insurance company before figuring out how to take care of the damage.

As FTVLive reported, Van Susteren has put the home up for sale.