You Know It's Bad When Rick Sanchez Calls you Out

How bad is it for NBC's Brian Williams?

Fired CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez is calling him out for his stories from Katrina.

Sanchez writes on Fox News Latino,  It certainly appears that NBC anchorman Brian Williams is spinning a yarn when he claims to have seen a body “float by face down” in the French Quarter. The story is roundly refuted by almost everyone familiar with the area’s geography.

Sanchez goes on to say that retired New Orleans Police Captain Harry Mendoza’s reaction to William’s comment. Asked to respond by the New Orleans Advocate, Mendoza said he led a team that used front-end loaders to clear Canal Street of palm trees and wires after the storm.

“There weren’t any bodies out there. The only water they had in the Quarter at all was probably at Iberville and Burgundy,” a low area around the backside of the hotel, “but nothing you couldn’t drive through. Nothing anybody would have drowned in, unless you physically tried to drown.”

Also in question now is William’s story about being stricken with dysentery after drinking floodwater. Again, from my own experience spending days and days along with many of my CNN colleagues splashing in chest-deep floodwaters often for hours on end, I don’t recall anyone including myself coming down with an actual case of dysentery. However, I do remember thinking at the time that the exaggerated warnings and false reports about it by network brass in New York who had most likely never covered a storm were not only laughable, but also likely to become a self-fulfilling prophecy that some young reporter would cling to.

Enter Brian Williams: “I accidentally ingested some of the floodwater. I became very sick with dysentery,” he told Tom Brokaw after returning from New Orleans.  

Yet when asked about William’s claim, the doctor who oversaw health concerns in that part of New Orleans says there wasn’t even a single case of dysentery reported.

Sanchez thinks that BriLie owes and apology to Katrina victims and as Sanchez tweeted, he knows a thing or two about saying "sorry":