Bruce Jenner Will Not be Paid for ABC Interview

ABC News and Bruce Jenner want you to know, that the Olympic gold medalist will not be paid for his upcoming interview with Diane Sawyer.

Jenner will sit down with DiSy and talk about his transitioning into a woman.

The NY Daily News says that Jenner was sensitive about being seen as “cashing in” on his journey to womanhood, and doesn’t want to be accused of exploiting his story for cash, a network insider confirms.

Jenner spoke directly to longtime friend Sawyer, who assured her pal she would handle his interview “delicately” and that he would be taken seriously by the public.

“She called him directly; there was absolutely no payment whatsoever,” says the DN source. “Diane has handled (it) from top to bottom, and the interview may air in two or three parts instead of one special.”

Another source assures the paper that Jenner took no money and that ABC didn’t pay, because everyone wanted the interview to be “clean.” Sawyer and Jenner will meet over a period of a few days, we’re told, to capture his full story. Jenner is expected to hand over a trove of photos and videos at no charge for ABC to air.

He might use some of Sawyer's make up though.