Fists Fly in Albuquerque Newsroom

The best story at KOB in Albuquerque yesterday was not on the air, but in the newsroom.

Insiders tell FTVLive that a fight broke out in the newsroom and it got real ugly, real fast. 

Sources say that just before the 6pm news yesterday, primary anchor Tom Joles (pictured) got into it with a Reporter and Photographer.

According to insiders, a young reporter was being ‘counseled’ by ND Michelle Donaldson. "Whatever Donaldson said, wasn’t good enough for Joles and he added his own comments," said a source. 

Longtime KOB Reporter Stuart Dyson tried to intervene and calm the situation down. It didn't work and word is that Joles got in Dyson's face and also the face of Photographer Joseph Lynch who jumped in to protect Dyson. Sources say punches were thrown. 

When the fight stopped, Joles was called into Donaldson’s office, came out about 10 minutes later, grabbed his stuff and they both walked out together. Sources say Donaldson came back in and told the staff how her ‘heart breaks’ for Joles and that he’s having a tough time ‘fitting in’ in the modern era of TV news.

No word on what if any action the station is going to take against their longtime Anchor, but it sounds like something needs to be done.

Stay tuned.....