Former Florida Weatherman Faces more Prison Time

Pervert Weatherman Rob Lopicola is looking at some more prison time on different charges.

The former WPTV (West Palm Beach) Weatherman is already serving a  56-month sentence for sex with underage boys and has now been transferred from his Miami area prison to a federal jail in East St. Louis, Ill.

The move was so that Lopicola can stand trial for his role in a timeshare scam based in West Palm Beach and Illinois that bilked thousands of unsuspecting folks out of $14.5 million.

 His trial on wire fraud charges is scheduled to start May

Lopicola is also considering to plead guilty and avoid trial, and a stiffer penalty. The judge in Illinois has given Lopicola until March 19 to decide, according to court papers.

Lopicola was indicted last year and could start serving the federal sentence after he’s done in Florida, Nov. 11, 2016.

Lopicola allegedly called timeshare owners and falsely claimed to have found potential buyers for their properties.

Lopicola then asked each owner for $1,000 to handle the sale.

Federal investigators said Lopicola and the company he worked for, Premier Timeshare Solutions, pocketed the fees then told sellers that their sale didn’t go through.

A pervert and a scammer?

What a great guy. 

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