MSNBC Pulls Plug on The Reid Report. Is Farrow Next?

It looks like MSNBC finally making some much needed schedule changes.

Word is the network has pulled the plug on The Reid Report, the 2PM show hosted by Joy Reid. 

Insiders say that the staff was told Today that MSNBC is pulling the plug on the show. No word yet when the final show will air. 

And while the very low rated Ronan Farrow show is still on the air, word is it will be next to be flushed off the schedule. 

Farrow's 1PM show has pulled in record LOW numbers for MSNBC and although Farrow is a favorite of MSNBC boss Phil Griffin, many inside the network expect the Peacock to send Farrow packing as well. 

Mediaite reports that people inside MSNBC are not happy that Reid's show is gone while Farrow's show is still on the schedule.  Mediaite writes that an MSNBC employee told them that canceling Reid's show is a “a slap in the face of a woman of color,” especially because Reid’s ratings have been consistently higher than Farrow’s, and yet “she’s been given no support and no promotion.”

Sources tell FTVLive that you will likely see Farrow's show gone by Spring. 

MSNBC is not commenting.