Sorry Jeff...Not Quite

CNN President Jeff Zucker spoke to his personal propaganda machine AKA Jordan Chariton of the lame website The Wrap. 

It is a site that Zucker and CNN use to try and spin the news, making CNN appear far better off than it really is. Zucker also knows that they won't challenge his answers.

Here's a prime example, the wrap asked Zucker this:

Are you concerned with pushing away longtime CNN viewers who want all the news on CNN TV?

Zucker's reply: Good question, but wrong. Because what’s actually increased at CNN is the length of tune-in of our viewers, meaning that those viewers are actually watching for a longer length of time each time they come. So, we’re not alienating those viewers; actually by giving them what they’re interested in and more of it, they’re staying longer. That criticism from media critics — it may be a media criticism — but actually has been completely the opposite for our viewers. And our viewers have actually completely responded to it, and our length of tune-in has actually increased.

Unfortunately, Zucker was wrong and he was not challenged by the very green Chariton. 

In regards to Zucker saying that CNN has increased the tune-in of their viewers, Nielsen measurements actually prove the opposite.  In fact, not only did CNN show a decrease in length of tune in, but if falls behind Fox News Channel and MSNBC in engagement. 

 According to Nielsen, for 2015 to date vs. both 4Q’14 and 1Q’14 (same time period last year), CNN is down .  The network fell from 16.9 minutes in 1Q’14 to 16.5 minutes in 4Q’14 and fell even further to 15.8 in 1Q’15.

 Meanwhile, for 2015, FNC is averaging 27.5 minutes to MSNBC’s 23.2 and CNN’s 15.8 minutes.   

Zucker talks about "doubling Down on news" at CNN. This might came as a bit of a surprise when on Monday night, ISIS was big news and CNN was airing a quiz show. That's "Doubling Down"?

I don't think so.