Jeff Zucker Talks about Brian Williams....But

Supposedly, everyone inside NBC seemed to know that Brian Williams like to exaggerate the truth and lie.

For much of Brian Williams tenure at NBC, his boss was Jeff Zucker.

So, if Williams had trouble telling the truth, why didn't Jeff Zucker do something?

This morning, Zucker, now CNN President, spoke about Williams publicly for the first time since the scandal broke. He spoke at a breakfast for journalists this morning:

“I haven’t said anything about what’s happening to Brian, but I will say that it’s obviously incredibly sad at this point to see what’s happened to Brian. It’s incredibly disappointing to see what’s happening. He was a colleague of mine, a friend for many years. And so I feel really badly for him on a very human level. Unfortunately it has obscured a lot of fantastic work that Brian did.”

He added, “But what’s clear is he made incredibly serious mistakes.”

Zucker added: “I feel really badly that this obscured what was otherwise a really fine career. As far as punishment, I really can’t speak to that. I don’t have all the facts.”

It is strange that Zucker said anything at all, since he is really part of this story.  Reports say that Williams had a history of lying and that NBC Executives knew about it. So wouldn't Jeff Zucker been one of the executives that knew?

Maybe CNN Media Critic....errrrrrrr....Correspondent Brian Stelter could ask Zucker exactly what he knew and what he did or did not do about it.

Just saying.....