Brian Williams Offered Job as Sports Reporter

Suspended NBC Anchor Brian Williams already has new job offers coming in.

Minor league baseball team the Bridgeport Bluefish are offering BriWi a six month media internship to work for the baseball team writing game recaps.

Williams is a Connecticut resident and since he’s being benched for now by the Peacock network the Bluefish want to suit him up to be part of their team. 

The Bluefish staff doesn't seem to be concerned about the controversy surrounding his false reporting of claiming to be on a chopper shot down in Iraq. In fact, they hope the seasoned anchor will bring the team good luck. Bluefish general manager Jamie Toole says “With his reporting style, we may even win a few of those games.”

Of course, Williams would have to take a bit of a pay cut. The baseball team is offering to pay Williams a stipend of $500 and hopes he sees this as a great opportunity in sports reporting.