Sinclair Backtracks on No Sharing Promise

Sinclair pulled a "Brian Williams" when it said that it insisted that it would not share the news Anchors between WOAI and KABB the two stations they own in San Antonio.

Back in the Fall, News Director Blaise Labbe said that maintaining the different identities of the two stations continues to be a priority.

But last weekend was proof that Sinclair was not being honest. Both stations used the same Anchor and Meteorologist  both the 9 p.m. news on KABB and the 10 p.m. show on WOAI.

The Saturday and Sunday newscasts looked to be virtual carbon copies of each other. They were so similar, in fact — scripts, story order, you could not tell the difference.

Now, WOAI GM John Seabers confirms the new weekend arrangement was permanent. â€œWe will have a shared anchor team and a shared meteorologist,” he said.

By cutting back on the number of anchors, he said, more funds could be applied to reporting, and the story count on weekends eventually will be more comparable to that on weekdays.

So, really the talk about the stations maintaining the different identities was just like BriWi's account of an RPG hitting his chopper in Iraq.

It was just a lie. 

H/T San Antonio Express News