Interesting.... (Updated)

Very interesting....

At last count, CNN Media Critic Brian Stelter had posted 25 stories on CNN's website about the Brian Williams saga. 

His appearances across shows talking about Williams are too many to count.

Yet when CNN Anchor Fareed Zakaria was being called out for numerous instances of plagiarism. Stelter wrote nothing about it and gave it about 45 seconds total on air.

Must just be an oversight. 

Updated: Brian Stelter seems to have gotten his panties in a bunch over our story and reached out to FTVLive on Twitter.

Stelter said that we made 3 mistakes with the above story. First he says that he is a "Correspondent" and not a "media critic." Now, you must remember, this is CNN we are talking about. The place where a simple car is a "Blizzard Mobile." 

Second. Stelter says that he gave Zakaria plagiarism story 3 minutes and 39 seconds and not 45 seconds like we reported. We have not added up all the time he has talked about Brian Williams on the air, but his Sunday show, spent more than a half hour on the story. He has been on the air numerous (we're sure Steleter could tell you exactly how many) times talking about Brian Williams.

He also says that he has written just 10 (although it might be 11 or 12 by now) stories for CNN's website on the BriWi saga and not 25 like we said. Although a search of CNN's websites shows at least 25 entries when you type in Stelter's name. 

Stelter tweets:

News for Brian, nobody looks at the bylines except you and your Mom (and maybe some old farts still working in the newspaper industry). 

As for the "team of reporters" (by the way, are they not called "Correspondents" as well?) How many of that team including yourself Brian wrote about  Zakaria's plagiarism on the CNN website? We asked Brian this on Twitter, he did not answer.

By the way, we would still argue that Zakaria's plagiarism is way worse than Brian Williams puffing up his chest on Letterman.

It certainly deserved more than a couple of minutes....errrrr...3 minutes and 39 secords from Jeff Zucker's water boy.....errrrrrr......I mean "CNN Media Correspondent."

Just saying....