Main Anchor Out in Buffalo

In 2006, when WKBW (Buffalo) wanted longtime Anchor Susan Banks to take a pay cut, Banks decided to quit instead. 

Then WKBW General Manager Bill Ransom decided to replace Banks with a cheap replacement that would do the job at a fraction of Banks salary.

The station turned to Joanna Pasceri, who was already on staff as an Anchor/Reporter.

Pasceri held that main Anchor job until Friday, when she told viewers it was her last broadcast.

WKBW is no longer owned by Granite, the company that ran the station into the ground and took it from first to worst in the ratings.

The station has been purchased by Scripps and although they have been slow to make changes, they have finally decided to upgrade one of their main Anchors.

After 22 years, Pasceri is out and will be replaced by Ashley Rowe, who recently left her job as a reporter and fill-in anchor in Toronto.

The Buffalo News writes that Scripps is believed to have unsuccessfully tried to persuade Pasceri to stay at the station in a reduced role until her contract runs out in April or May.

Rather than accept a demotion to the noon or 5:30 p.m. newscasts, Pasceri apparently has decided to negotiate a contract settlement.

FTVLive hears that Pasceri won't be the only change at the station. Look for longtime male Anchor Keith Radford to leave when his contract expires.

Also, word is that Scripps has begun quietly looking for a new GM for the station. Current GM, Mike Nurse is a holdover from Granite.

Since Scripps took over the station they have invested some much needed money into it, but have seen little in ratings return.

It looks like they are hoping a shake up at the top and the anchor desk will bring viewers back to the once no. 1 station.

FTVLive could tell Scripps how the station could end the Feb book in first place guaranteed. It would take the station from last place to first place in the ratings and get them back on track.  But, we doubt Scripps will be asking us how to do it, even though we know that 100% this would work.

Oh well.