FTVLive Named as Replacement Site for Gawker

When Gawker announced that they were going to give up the gossip and celebrity news to focus on politics, many longtime Gawker fans were disappointed.

Where we people going to now get that great Gawker snark?

The Wrap came to the rescue of Gawker fans everywhere and named "10 sites to get your Gawker Fix."

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 6.40.18 AM.png

One of those 10 named by The Wrap was FTVLive.com. The Wrap writes, "Though no one site may completely fill the snark and media takedown void left by Gawker, TheWrap has a few recommendations for other sites to read that could at least partially take its place."

They go onto name FTVLive as one of the 10. Writing about FTVLive, The Wrap writes, "Scott Jones’ FTVLive is an online TV news site that was founded in 2000 as a pay site, but became available to the masses in 2013. The site aims to report the latest news without “pandering” television executives."

FTVLive has long been a fan of Gawker and we are honored to help any Gawker fan that is looking for a snark fix.

To see what other sites could help you fill your Gawker fix, click here.