We are Number 1....errrrrrr..... Strong Number 2

FTVLive has obtained an internal memo sent out by KUSI (San Diego) News Director Steve Cohen.

The memo shows two things, first and foremost, nobody in SoCal watches TV news. Cohen is bragging about a 1 rating. Really?

Second, you should never ever settle for being No. 2.

As I always say at golf tournaments, second place is just first loser.

Here is the memo sent to the staff:

-------- Original message --------
From: Steve Cohen <SCohen@kusi.com
Date: 12/29/2015 4:44 PM (GMT-08:00) 
Subject: 11pm ratings

I have an early release on 11pm news in November

KNSD 25-54 demo 1.4 up 8 %
KUSI TV 25-54 demo 1.2 up 140%
KGTV 0.9
XETV 0.7
KSWB 0.7

That makes us a strong number 2.

Congrats all around

Our ten pm numbers also make us the NUMBER ONE NEWS IN PRIME with a 1.42 ratings 25-54 demo

This demo is our key sales demo.

I will have complete numbers next week.