14 Dead, 21 Injured.... But First Let me Take a Selfie

You knew it would happen, you just didn't expect Matt Lauer to be involved.

As the media descended on San Bernadino, we knew it was just a matter of time before we got the Reporter snapping a smiling selfie. 

KERO Reporter Tim Calahan is our first crime scene selfie winner, as he snapped a smiling photo with none other than Matt Lauer. 

Calahan works for an ABC affiliate, Lauer works for NBC, but it was good to see that 14 dead people and 21 injured can even competing networks together to smile for the camera. 

As Calahan says, it's been a "crazy few days."

I'm fairly certain that those laying in a hospital trying to recover from being gunned down, would not call it a "crazy few days."


We not not expect a Reporter from Bakersfield to know any better, but we sure as hell expected Matt Lauer to.

Just saying....