Signing Off in Nashville

WSMV's Jennifer Johnson signed off Friday evening after 13 years at the station.

She signed off the air with a short and simple goodbye and in a Facebook post.

, with a Facebook post and short-and-sweet goodbye on TV. Not seeing a lot of tears or a fancy farewell reel.

She had traditionally been a dayside 4pm anchor, but managers had increasingly called on her to report. She cites the new schedule as being "so unpredictable"  and that is her reason for leaving. It's the latest on-air departure or firing since the new news director took over in June.

Here is her Facebook post followed by her on air goodbye:

Thank you all SO much for the calls, emails, texts, instant messages, carrier pigeon deliveries, etc. I know you were all shocked to hear the news last night that I'm leaving Channel 4. I'm humbled and honored that so many of you cared enough to reach out to me. I love this city, and I have loved being in your home every night for more than 13 years!

Unfortunately, the new schedule I started working in October was so unpredictable that I could no longer be there at night for my 14 year-old daughter in the way that a mother should. There are crossroads in life that require us to make tough decisions, and this was mine. They're not always fun to make, but our destiny often hinges on them!

I love you all! I'm going to miss you terribly, though I suspect we'll still run into each other at Target! LOL. I'm going to take the next month off to enjoy the holidays, recharge, praise God for the greatest gift of all, and let him guide my steps in 2016!

My email account at Channel 4 has been deactivated. If you need to reach me, I have set this one up:

Merry Christmas!